Katio, barely 5kg...5 years

Katio, barely 5kg...5 years

March 18, 2018 09:52
Katio, a 5kg doggy, who was their life for 5 years... he went everywhere with his owner, everybody knew and loved him.. until  his owner decided to live in another appartment, then Katio had to go to the killing station, because he no longer fitted in her new life. 
When she brought the doggy away, he was panicing and didn't want to let go of his owner, he held on with every last bit of strength that he had. 
Her first story was that she found this doggy, in perfect condition, with a shiny coat, on the street...but after people started asking more questions, it was obvious that she lied... because when she left, it was very clear that Katio was her dog... Dogs never lie and never cheat...
She didn't count on that and got angry and agrivated.. 
And now what she said? If I decide that my life continues without this, that's it. 
She left, angry, while Katio's whole world collapsed...
Katio is hurt, doesn't understand it, he is quiet and afraid of the many dogs and the cold cage. The difference between this life and his former life as an only dog in a warm chair is big...

He needs time... but mostly a sincere second chance, barely 5 kg, but all loyal... unconditional friendship... but she changed her appartment and Katio didn't fit in her life anymore...



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