Kareltje, badly neglected, old and tired....

Kareltje, badly neglected, old and tired....

He was found on the street, wandering and aimlessly looking for a helping hand, however the killing station almost became his last destination.

Everyone there was flabbergasted when his owner didnt want to collect him..

Because of his chip they managed to find his boss.But no thank you, he wasnt interested..

Emperor Karel, that name was given to him but he is far from being an emperor, he is a Kareltje..

A small guy who realizes the misery is over, he is quietly sleeping in his warm basket.

He seems to be very tired of all the suffering he had to undergo during the last weeks, months?

He is an oldie who wants to continue quietly and be loved and spoilt by a sweet boss.

His eyes are inflamed, his teeth look like a graveyard and his small body is totally neglected.

Only about 3 kg....And still...



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