Kalinka and her little ones made it!

August 8, 2018 22:33

It is a true miracle that mama Galgo Kalinka and her children made it.. A mama with the courage of a true mother, who despite of her desperate situation, the neglect, her hunger and thirst, her insecurity and fears, gave birth to all these puppies.. she was pregnant over and over again.. This family came to us and there our battle began to start saving their lives.. With thanks to our team, who all worked together, cry together when we lost one, but so proud when we can save them... And all together we had a good laugh, because they are wunderful creatures of nature.. No Galgo pups as we expected... but more like Dachshounds with a Galgo face... so great to see. They all have a wunderful character, they are social and sweet with the whole world.. Just look at the evolution. from a mother who had to fight to survive, now together with her growing puppies... She, Kenzi, Kiran, Kyana, Kian, Kyto, Kaila and Kaito say hello... 



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