Jemie, Justi, Jelo, Juma and Jalon all made it!

Jemie, Justi, Jelo, Juma and Jalon all made it!

March 18, 2018 09:46

They were born somewhere under the bushes... totally left on her own, their mama, a Mastin had to defense them with everything she had. Mama Mastin is a dog that had lived at the end of a village since years.. very shy towards people and therefore the people of the village decided to leave food at certain places. They also took away the puppies whenever she would have a litter and gave them to people of the village. This time there were no candidates and the puppies, with their eyes still closed, were delivered to us. 
Mama Mastin meanwhile still had to continue her sad life at the end of the village, how sad... So many times it was tried to catch her, but she doesn't let anybody catch her. She is stubborn and streetwise... Her little ones made it at least and were are now searching warm baskets for them before Christmas...
They will be big girls and boys, please take them into consideration when you would like a big dog, you will also receive a big love! All are socialized with us and they love their caretakers very much... who will give them the chance of a (dog)lifetime long?



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