Is it Boxer time......

Is it Boxer time......

Some periods it is Shepherds that are being dumped, other times Shar-Peis, then another breed….

Podenco’s and Galgos are unfortunately being dumped the whole year…..

We can’t explain why but during this period we are receiving a large number of Boxers, like it is their turn now, unbelievable……..

Boxers are darlings, they have human traits, during my whole life we have owned Boxers and our old Benjamin is now more than 13 years old….During their younger years they can be difficult or weird, especially when they have shredded your sofa while you were out, but they are so sweet….Once they are educated you have a super friend in your house. Their sense of humor, being naughty and activity are noticed duringa large part of the day and then they will change into quietness itself, the four paws stretched into the air and a soft snoring with blowing lips….

Boxers are now again into fashion but they suffer a lot when they are dumped, they don’t understand….No dog understands this but when you are dumped from lying on a sofa into a shelter where you have to live with hundreds of other dogs, it is hard for every dog but especially for a Boxer…..Have a look at our hunks, in each of them there is a wonderful friend, one for life….



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