Indira survived a shopping centre

Indira survived a shopping centre

January 19, 2020 12:35

Indara lived in and around a shopping centre... every time somebody tried to touch her, she walked away. she didn't trust anybody...She was kicked and abused so often... She came from a hunter who had dumped her because she was too old... She had to survive, she wanted to survive.. she held on to life, in every way..
Many people knew her and offered some food every once and a while, but Indara was often hungry and she did her rounds along the garbage bins.. she got pregnant over and over again and many of her little ones came into this world to die... starvation or they were hit by a car and died... and some were taken away for children who wanted a puppy...
In the end, she could be caught with a special cage, with her last litter... These puppies don't have to starve of hunger and they will not be hit by a car, and they will not be gifts for a few days.. Indara feels that we fight for her and her offspring here... She no longer is scared but a thankful and quiet mama... Happy to be saved, no longer be chased after, happy that she has found a new path... A path that will lead her to a family that will love her and take care of her...



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