Horror and atrocious circumstances in puppy mills, a few of them are now with us!

Horror and atrocious circumstances in puppy mills, a few of them are now with us!

Dear everybody, 

I am used to a lot, I have seen terrible things over the years, and I have built a shield around myself in order to cope but what I have seen now went right through that protective shield....
Since a few weeks Seprona is trying to shut down a puppy mill in the Alhaurin area. Already 80 dogs were taken en brought to a killing station, around 50 others were released yesterday in order to take them over. All rescue organisations in the area were asked to help... each organisation was asked to take over a few and was given a time frame to pick them up. 
Not knowing what to expect, we arrived there and it turned out that we were the last in line, all other dogs were picked up already. 
What we saw, was beyond all limits.. there were 'a few left'...
Two of them were almost dead, lying in stinking filthy cages, with feces of the last years stuck to them, it was hard not to throw up...
We could take whatever we wanted.... But that is not how I am, I took all of them. All of them were saved from that hell. 
They are all small breeds, Chihuahua's Yorky's, and 1 little bull, who had to produce so much that she was looking like there was no life inside her anymore, 
All of them look them look uninterested and just stare at you with no interest at all. They are giving us the idea that they think: What do have to face now.... most of them are old and 'used up' in all areas. 
They are all in a very bad condition... I can't and don't want to think about what they must have been through. 
A puppy mill, number what of how many in total? And now it is the turn of the protectora's like us, and we have to start this filthy and inhumane assignment, without any help from the government. 
People, here are the images.. this is reality... were are all completely broken here and this is only a fraction of the situation that was made public and that we were allowed to take part in..
May these dogs get to know some happiness finally, let's get started...




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