Help our rescue centre

Help our rescue centre

March 21, 2020 10:34

Dear all, 

This is a nightmare, for all of us, we are being confronted with this situation.

 How vulnerable are we humans, but also, now what for the animals in our shelter?

For our dogs and cats, it is very hard; we have no financial support or what so ever by the government, yesterday it is confirmed that shelters cannot apply for help funds.

We can remain caring for our cats and dogs, which we do with all our hearts and souls. But very carefully and with strict rules. 

No support by the government, but our rescue centre with two shelters and with almost 500 dogs and over a 100 cats, our costs keep going up

They put us in the forgotten corner, survive.. but how, we can't do anything, no events, no markets, no parties to survive... 

We are sort of left to die if we have to stay like this for months and our dogs will have to be euthanized in the worst care scenario, and that is the pure reality; unfortunately, I don't want to think about that yet... 

That is why we are asking for your support, we can keep going for a little while, but not for very long but I will keep fighting together with our team and Dirk

Together we can fight this, and we must get through this, together we can be strong.

Please support us in these difficult times, and our animals must get through this. 

Thank you in advance, Fabienne and team Spain 



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