Helga, the destiny of a Spanish Podenco...

Helga, the destiny of a Spanish Podenco...

November 25, 2018 19:01

Helga is a scared Podenco that had to give birth to her pupies somewhere in a field, over and over again... She was noticed when she was looking for food, she was so skinny.. 
Luckily  no hunter came to pick her up, because she had 7 little ones and they might become the next immeciated victims of their strange hobbies.. They could care less about the circumstances.. The sad but true stories that we see everyday, have no bounderies.. This year it is even worse because of the heavy rain falls, the cold and de mud floods... Thousands of Podenco's are left alone... Helga is still a bit affraid but she understands that it is good now... She protects her puppies with her life and hopes, just like every mama, that they will het the best life possible.. 



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