Hanos,...only his leg,...

Hanos,...only his leg,...

February 23, 2018 00:23

Hanos was saved from a killing station, he is a great, sweet and special dog, unbelievable the he was dumped in a killing station...He is very focussed on people and animals and always, but always happy. He will put his head on your lap, will give you kisses out of happines and steals everybodys heart...He came in and at first we didn't notice, because he had no pain, but recently we noticed that there was something with his leg. We saw that he was sometimes not using his leg and then we went to Carlos, our traumatologist. He found out that Hanos had on old fracture that was giving troubles now, he has Atrodesis Carpo and on top of that, Osteotomia Corectora. The examinations, x-ray and surgery will cost approximately €850 and we are asking for help, who can help Hanos?



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