Gemma, her further life course just be finished

Gemma, her further life course just be finished

Everybody remembers Gemma, who was found more dead than alive by our volunteer Gemma, whom this podenco got her name from. 
It took a while, but she held on to life, and how! Today is the day that it is possible for Gemma, a fierce and full podenco lady, to go home, to her for ever home... 
It is a podenco that is now very attached to people, very thankful for everything that was done for her. Slowly but surely she resurrected from the death, that was so close.. she fought and is fully here today! She is super social with everybody, people and other dogs... 

Gemma went through hell, no man would have ever thought that she would make it, but she wanted to live and she is alive today... and she is looking forward to a new beginning



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