Galena en Goleta, two soulmates,...

Galena en Goleta, two soulmates,...

February 26, 2020 09:48

Galena and Goleta are two sisters who were rescued from a colony. They arrived together with Galetta and Galileo. All cats were born from different mama's, but they were all from the same colony. Galena and Goleta had a very nice and pleasant character from a really young age. 

When little Galena was sterilized, the vet found out that she had a small noise in her chest, but on the outside, you can't see anything on her. After several examinations. Echo's and more, the doctors found a polyp. It was a nasopharyngeal polyp which caused an obstruction, and it made it hard on her to breathe. 

It became an urgent operation if we wanted to save her, and since her surgery, she is a different cat. She breaths normal and feels so much better, she is so happy... 

Because both cats are so attached to each other, we would like to have them adopted together, that would make them so happy—two soulmates who belong together, forever.



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