Frutske needs another surgery...

Frutske needs another surgery...

February 29, 2020 09:29

Our Frutske... 

Nobody knows who left him at the gate, all of a sudden he was there... a guy that quietly sits still in his cage and barely looks forward to the day in the mornings. Little dogs have a hard time in the shelter, and they don't want to be in a cage, don't want to be alone, so many hours.. And how hard you try with the whole team to make the best out of it, we are not the ones who are there, they are. You can't overthink it, but we do it anyhow. When you see the eyes of all those innocent ones, it takes a toll on you.. they don't deserve it. 

Frutske has Patella Luxation on both knees and needs surgery. But we need your help to realise this project... On behalf of the owner of Garbanzo we received a great start, she donated 400 euro for his operation!

Who helps is? Who helps our Frutske?



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