Four dogs saved before the lock down

Four dogs saved before the lock down

March 28, 2020 08:12

We had already closed our doors because of the general lockdown in Spain, and we were cleaning at the entrance. A Spanish couple was there all of a sudden with 3 Galgo's and a little dog at our gate. They didn't use many words, but they were determined... They were sent, and they were told they could come. it was all organized. We didn't start a discussion; there is no use; these dogs would have been left alone. In regular times you already don't do that and definitely not now, now that most animals on the streets don't get many chances anymore. They are caught by the killing stations and being put to sleep almost immediately, or they will look to starve to death... 

It is now also to the people to survive and stay healthy, and everybody is busy doing that, also us, but our animals are our lives, and we will not give up on them. 

These dogs got their names after the Coronavirus: Cor, Ron, Na and Vivie, 4 in a row, four dogs who could be rescued at the last minute, just before the lockdown, they are safe and have a chance. 

They are adorable but a bit shy in the beginning, but they will be ok. 



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