Fortunato, wounded in the mountain where nobody came...

Fortunato, wounded in the mountain where nobody came...

December 6, 2018 20:23

We gave him the beautiful name Fortunato, an name that means: somebody who was lucky... In this case he went through the eye of a needle and by luck he was found in a deserted campo in the mountains... He was wounded and dodn't have a lot of strength left... People who passed saw him lying on the floor, softly moaning.. It appeared that he had a fracture in his hip with a luxation as a result... He needed emergency surgery and everything necessary was done... Because it was so urgent, we couldn't wait, he got the necessary help immediately and he is now recovering. It was a heavy and risky operation but it went well. Fortunato is a very noble, sweet and gentle dog, with a good and social character. 
He is everybodies friend in the clinic, a big darling! Barely 2 years old and already had to go through such a hell. But we will make the difference! So many big dogs are dumped these days... nevertheless they too are true pearls in a home, once they are raised well. Lovely beings!



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