First dogs in need, breeding dogs dumped

First dogs in need, breeding dogs dumped

January 3, 2017 00:01
Panoramix, a WestyAndie, a white Chow Chow, Josie, a Fox Terrier, together with his peer Jools and then we have Lucio, a dumped Cocker and Roulette, the most badly neglected dog of them all, a French Bull bitch…….

These are our first discarded dogs of this new year, they didn’t bring in enough money and if we would not take them they would go to the killing station……

We know that they are ‘projects’ and will cost money because they have been badly neglected but I can’t look away and we have taken them in, they will start their new chance now.

They have a long way to go but the beginning is there……

It seems as if they have fallen from the sky, they have never felt grass under their feet, have never walked free, have never been cuddled……

Nobody has taken care of them….

Lucio has been freed from his stinking coat, inch by inch…..He feels like reborn……

For them the new year 2017 is a new beginning…..

They have really been lucky because many of them end up differently after they have been discarded….

It may sound strange but we are happy that they are freed from the clutches of this horrible dog breeder…..

These sweethearts will get a new chance……Far away from the hell where they came from…….




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