Faruq, his owner had to go to prison...

Faruq, his owner had to go to prison...

Faruq is a small bodeguero of less than 3 years old. He lived with his family, together with a small child. Het was loved, spoiled and taken good care of. His owner was arrested and the family fell apart, sadness, disbelief and depression was now their life. Faruq was brought to the closest shelter, after the family begged to not send him to a killing station. He came to us in a good condition, with a shiny coat, but has fear in his eyes... Now he is also behind bars, but he is innocent, totally innocent. 

We try to take good care of him, as much as we can, but he doesn't want to eat or drink for 2 days now.. he doesn't understand what is happening to him, where is his family, where is his home?



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