Farah, heavily pregnant at the gate.....

Farah, heavily pregnant at the gate.....

They had been everywhere with the heavily pregnant Farah. She was standing there with her big belly and her sad face……They wouldn’t take her anywhere being large and black and also pregnant..

The killing station was her last possibility…..She wouldn’t have lived 10 days there because she doesn’t have a chip and these days they are very full, lives don’t count there…..

Farah is a quiet and sweet Labrador, she is doing better every day but she has never received love or attention….When you pet her she loves it at first and then she goes back into her sad position, it takes time for her to get used to being treated differently…..

Someone will take her into his heart…That is what she deserves and what we will try to find….

She is social and soft with the dogs around her and sweet with the students and volunteers….



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