Enzo, the beautiful, expensive bull terrier pup,...

Enzo, the beautiful, expensive bull terrier pup,...

February 19, 2018 22:02

Since a long time the young couple wanted a tough and strong Bull Terrier, preferably a tricoloured one. And... it couldn't be expensive enough and it couldn't be pure enough, so the puppy came with them with a genealogy and paperwork... and guess what? The puppy is rough, the puppy poos in the house, the puppy pees in the house, the puppy cries in the house, the puppy doesn't listen, the puppy can't stay alone, the puppy steals food from the table, the puppy jumps on the table, the puppy bites the furniture, having a puppy is heavy, the puppy destroys the garden, takes out the flowers.... And so the puppy does too many things to change their lifes, and that is disrupts their lifes. Now matter how expensive and beautiful he may be, he has to go. That is how this bulldozer came to us... we ripped apart his genealogy papers, our only concern is to see him happy! Enzo is a true bull terrier, his happiness will be in a family that knows the breed and who will give him the proper upbringing. A family that will give him a long, happy and healthy life. 



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