Domingo's story

Domingo's story

February 1, 2020 15:42

Some of our volunteers were having a coffee on an ordinary sunday, on a terrace in the village.. It was raining cats and dogs and when they came out and wanted to go home, they found him in a corner, curdled up, very miserable... A puppy that was about to give up.. He did not know where he was, no more orientation.. He was soaking wet, he looked at them with sad, and scared eyes, begging to be saved... And so they did, they took him them... He rolled up in their arms, closed his eyes and slept... and slept..
The little guy finally was in good hands.. Little as he is, he is so sweet... A gentle character and so attached to his people... such a good boy.. Social with people and animals... Domi, named after the day he was found... Domingo...



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