Danone, it was his dumping day!

Danone, it was his dumping day!

July 8, 2018 21:44

Danone, his day to get dumped, was about to come. They brought him to us, opened the door of the refugio and threw him in. We quickly went to the gate, but they already drove of with squicky tires... One of our volunteers lifted him up and tried to comfort him, but he was shaking out of fear.. he  couldn'believe what just happened to him. All of a sudden he had lost his family, where were they? Why did they throw him in the refugio like that? What is going to happen to him now? His indignation was big and his little head just couldn't understand... We are trying to show him that he is in a good place now, but he is still in shock... This is such a terrible thing for a dog, they too have feelings, what if this was your world?



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