Dama survived.......

Dama survived.......

March 18, 2018 11:29

Dama had been wandering the streets since a long time. Once she was the dog of a Spanish family but when they moved the dog was dumped. Since then Dama was walking through the streets hoping that somewhere a door would open for her. Unfortunately this didn’t happen and the lonely Dama became skinnier and malnourished, her condition became worse and worse…..Until one day she couldn’t stand on her paws anymore….She was taken to a clinic and then it became clear how bad her condition was caused by many months wandering the streets……

She came to live with a foster family, many months passed but Dama survived! 

She wanted to hold on to this life, she wanted to know what love is and being loved…..

She is a lovely, sweet dog, so good with children and so very grateful……..



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