Ces and our cat colonies...

Ces and our cat colonies...

July 25, 2019 19:14
The method CES (Captura, Esterrilizacion y Suelta, or: catch, sterilize and release) is a sterilization program, for the cat colonies of the streets. It is now being performed in many cities and villages and saves many lives. 
This approach has many advantages, e.g. it prevents in an ethically responsible way:
- the wild birth of cats and growth of colonies
- the fights between males over females in their heats
- the fights over territories
- the abuse of these animals by 'certain people'. 

This way, a colony can be cared for by cat friends, with the support of people like us who can and will help with the sterilizations

Please sign this petition and help us support this initiative:
Thank you!



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