Celien, already dumped, just after Christmas...

Celien, already dumped, just after Christmas...

January 16, 2017 15:03

We really cant keep her, she is too young, she is a puppy.

These were the words of the ex-owners of Celien.

What did these people expect? A young puppy brings life into a home but also

unexpected pees and they love to put their teeth into everything..

In short, they need an education..

Everyone falls in love with a small puppy but then it starts.

They are like a baby that has to learn everything.This takes about 1,5 years..

Then they are completely educated and indispensable family members for the rest of

their lives. When you really go for it then this is the reality.

Celientje has become a dumped dog..She is a very devoted and cheerful puppy that

only wants to be close to you and cuddle but she also loves to play and walk and run

and has to learn a lot.

She is only 4 months old and wants to explore the world.

The person that has the time and the patience and the motivation to educate her will

get a super dog in return because she is really a sweetheart of a little thing!



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