Boomer was found in the campo,...

Boomer was found in the campo,...

February 24, 2020 18:42

He was found several months ago, somewhere in a Campo, entirely left alone, alone and searching for ways to survive... Shyly he came forward to take a piece of bread and then ran away very fast again... But after a few days, you could tell he wanted to belong somewhere... He went to a foster family where immediately was accepted by the other dogs and cats, and he showed himself to be a sweet and social dog. 

He was named Boomed because of his gentle and sweet character... His unique and typical Andalusian chin and underlip make him even cuter... Unfortunately, our foster family cannot keep him themselves, but we are looking for a suitable family who can make him happy, he is worth it! Loyal and following right behind you. Thankful to be saved. He is s great guy who definitely can be a great dog with a beloved family. 



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