March 21, 2020 10:26

Bobke once was the dog of a Spanish family, and he lived with us since he was a little boy and thought could enjoy a long life with the people he loved. But once he was in an accident and ended up under a car, Bobkes life changed. He was rushed into a clinic, but he couldn't walk anymore.. He stayed for a day, and when the owners heard it was a matter of life and death, they asked to put him to sleep. They no longer wanted him, they, by the way, had no time for him anyway and it was better to put him to sleep. 

The vet tried to convince them not to do that because he believed in slow recovery, but the owners went their own way. Their love for Bobke was gone, Bobke laid there in the clinic, in his cage, a lovely and good dog, and the vet couldn't do it. He is still in the clinic and is doing better meanwhile. He was so sad after being dumped by his owners, but he loves the staff and the people who gave him a second chance. He has to rest a lot, and he is slowly doing better. 

A lost soul who fights for his life... We hope that he can go home somewhere, but not for a while, for the rest of his life!



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