Bieke was dumped because of a prolapse......

Bieke was dumped because of a prolapse......

Bieke was one of the dogs of a hunter, she would become one of so many…..

Because she is a bitch she was doomed to give birth again and again to keep up the dog colony of the hunter…..Unfortunately Bieke had a problem, she suffered from a prolapse and was brought to the vet to die, he didn’t want such a dog….

The vet felt very bad to euthanize such a young dog and phoned us, he wanted to operate on her for a reduced price so we could save her. And that is what we did….

The little girl radiates life, she is cheerful and playful, she is a real puppy and endlessly grateful to us..

She is a lovely dog that deserves so much better than being dumped in such a cowardly way…..



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