April 2, 2020 18:02

Our Bep has been with us for a while now, after she was found on the street by our Viv, somewhere far away. She came walking to our car when we were feeding the cat colonies, and she jumped straight into the car like she wanted to tell us that she fed up with wandering around and trying to survive. Viv immediately brought her to us. 

The next day it became clear that Bep has Epilepsia and she must have had a rough life... It, therefore, took a while before we could introduce her to you, but here she is, our Bep!

Her medication is on point now, and she must take this daily to avoid any seizures. She is a dog that never knew love, and she is learning all that in her foster family now. She is sweet with dogs and cats, and she is so happy with a cuddle, loves to go on walks, but she only just now starts to learn what it means to be someone. 

She steals everybody's heart with her little posture and her especially sweet eyes. She is a real darling that deserves a home where she can feel that she is welcome and loved because she didn't know what that was for years... We will never know where she came from, but one thing is for sure.. this sweetie is worth it!



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