Aurora was saved from a gipsy camp.....Animal unworthy......

Aurora was saved from a gipsy camp.....Animal unworthy......

Yes, this is a dog..She was found at the border of a gipsy neighborhood where people and animals are not being respected.

Young kids were throwing stones at her, thats how we noticed her and then we saw the poor soul, crouched in a corner, hiding as far as possible..

Despite the fact that she could barely stand on her legs, her tail was wagging out of happiness because of two hands around her fragile body. This time the hands were making her happy.

She hasnt lost faith in people despite the bad neglect, on the contrary, she puts her small head in your hands and eats and eats and eats. That has been a very long time ago.

She tested negative for all Mediterranean diseases, she has just been starved..

They didnt want her anymore.She would just die

But Aurora has survived all this and now her new life hasstarted, and it will be different.

There are no words, nor understanding for everything that dogs and other animals have to endure here..It is incomprehensible..



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