Anubis, a beautiful Sheperd

Anubis, a beautiful Sheperd

February 26, 2020 09:52

Anubis is a beautiful Sheperd of less than a year old.. He was bought as a pretty puppy, the classic and daily dumping story. He was loved, and they adored them, but... And there the excuses from A to Z came... And there he came, this sweet and big dog who thought he had found his home, who is so friendly, but he would have loved to be loyal and forever at the side of his owner. 

He came to us yesterday, all upset and didn't understand what he was doing here... He lived together with a cat and another dog, who is still a puppy, he is sweet and easy-going, obeys like no other... So sad that this had to happen to him...

Who wants a loyal at his side, who wants a great family dog, must definitely think about this guy. He wants to do everything, and he can still learn a lot, but he can only go to someone when it is for life, because the sad and pain that he has now, must never happen to him again...



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