Angela, saved from the killing station....

Angela, saved from the killing station....

Anglea was dumped into the killing station suffering from enormous tumors……

She has obviously given births to many puppies but today she is treated as a disposable article..

She was attacked by many because she has a humble and subservient character…..

She has never been treated with any respect. Your stomach turns when you see the tumors underneath her belly with which this dog had to live. When she came to us, she was examined by the vet and he also diagnosed a mastitis. It became clear that the tumors around her nipples need to be removed….It will be a heavy operation but we will have it done….

She is an oldie but such a sweet darling….

We are hoping that she will become happy for some time….

She will appreciate and enjoy it so much, her grateful face is already so heartwarming…….




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