And there my owner went... Copper was left at the gate...

And there my owner went... Copper was left at the gate...

September 16, 2018 12:11

We got to hear a whole story... they had to get back to their country, they had lost everything they had at the Costa del Sol.. And now their only doggy, that they has saved from the street around 2 years ago, had to go to.. You don't know what to think, we are all just people and luck lies in a tiny spot.. Every life has its ups and downs but just 1 dog.. how can you not save it? 1 dog, that you even rescued yourself, took him into your home, for life, not for a while... do all you can for them. But no, the lady stayed in the car and the man came to hand over Copper to us.. And then it started, the whole life of this little protected doggy collapsed like a house of cards.. 
He went in all directions, totally panicked, it was heartbreaking... To see him in cage... And even though we are very committed to these dogs, we are just a temporary home, on their way to new happiness... A dog that came from a home, will not understand all this... for him it is a hell.. A day later we received a call from the former owners... how he was doing... and then you will get the truth from me.... How do you think he is doing???



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