And again... 4 little Podenco's at the gate!!

And again... 4 little Podenco's at the gate!!

August 22, 2018 19:30

Gogo, Gaiia, Gerbo and Gabi, 4 dogs in a card board box at the entrance of a killing station... it was late and nobody was there anymore. The 4 little ones were hungry and they screamed to stay alive.. From all of their bodies there was a cry for help, pointed at their mama, where was she? In this enormous heat... A man who was walking hos dog, saw the box and informed the police. The killing station took them in but asked for our help afterwards. 
4 little who shouldn't have been born to be dumped after, like a disposible article... They all are so sweet and cute, they are just so happy to be here and fill their bellies, play and then fall asleep, satisfied, as it should be.. 
We are looking for 4 families who want to give these little ones a life with dignity and happiness... They are Podenco mixes, doggies that should be active and who need attention, who need to be raised well and learn what you want and don't want.. People with children, or active people would be ideal candidates! They are smart little wretches who now should become happy... If you know how to handle this, it should be all fine!



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