Kindly support our cats project

Kindly support our cats project

At present we have about 150 cats that live here on our hill. They are wild cats that we bring in, spay or neuter and release back into the wild. Without our intervention the life expectancy of these cats would be non existent.

ACE/SHIN also helps with the sterilization, or pregnancy termination in other wild cat colonies that have sprung up in nearby areas.

Unchecked, cat colonies grow very quickly and wild cats are rounded up and taken to killing stations. Once spayed/neutered, the cat's ear is clipped with a small 'v' as proof of sterilization and we are able to inform the local 'killing stations' that these cats are no longer a problem with regard to cat population growth, so that their lives can be spared.

Cats saved from the killing stations, or brought to us, are given safety, food and medical care if needed.

It is a very difficult life for these cats and we urgently need your help to be able to continue our project. Local government provides no financial support whatsoever and we must finance the care of these cats and sterilization, which is expensive, entirely from donations and your financial support.

In Algeciras there are about 100 cats looking for a loving home. These cats are abandoned cats or cats left with us in various states of neglect.

In Mijas Elaine looks after about 50 cats, many of these have been left behind by their original owners and are desperately in need of a loving home of their own again.

With the help of a few dedicated people and several volunteers, as well as your essential support and ongoing adoptions, these cats survive.

Please help us in any way you can. Any of the following would help us enormously:

  • Financial help for castration and sterilization
  • Dry and wet cat food
  • Plastic cat shelters to be placed outdoors to offer weatherproof shelter for the cats
  • Play toys for the kittens
  • Transportation carriers for the cats (cages)
  • Anti flee and tick medication
  • Financial aid for vaccinations and health checks/tests
  • Support for operations and rehabilitation
  • Individual (even small) donations of tinned cat food/dry food/etc
  • Cat medications

If you would like to consider adopting one of our cats please refer to the listing. We are working on an English translation. You can get English advice and further information by contacting us directly.



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