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Illnesses and possible medicine
Against ticks, fleas and flies:

The best and most economical is Advantix
Less than 4 kg and 4 to 10 kg:
Spray: Frontline

Drops against fleas and earmite (and worms, including heartworm, not against flies and ticks)
Advocate and Stronghold
Advocate can be used from the age of 7 weeks and the weight of 1 kg
Less than 4 kg
4-10 kg

Stronghold can be used from 6 weeks and less than 1 kg but is more expensive than Advocate
Less than 2,5 kg
2,6-5 kg
5-10 kg

Against earmite:

Oridermyl- tubes 30 gram

Against worms/deworming tablets:

Zantel (cheap and efficient) (not against heartworm)

Also efficient against heartworm:

Small dog- 1 tablet per 2kg
Big dog- 1 tablet per 25 kg

Doxiciclina: 100 mg- tablets (not capsules)
Azitromicina in powder mixed with water, also 250 mg tablets.


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