Adopt a dog

ADOPT a dog

Do you want to adopt a dog of ACE | SHIN?
Visit our 'dogs to adopt' at our database: dogs for adoption

Our volunteers will help you make the right choice!
Are you interested in one of our dogs? Please contact one of our volunteers (see below) for a telephone interview. If, after this conversation, you decide to adopt the dog, then an appointment will be made for a home visit. During this interview you will get all the information regarding the adoption process and the dog will be held for you in pre-reservation. This means that, once the home visit is approved, the dog is reserved automatically afterwards. We do this because, between the home visit and the evaluation about this with the main responsibility, some time passes. If the dog for any reason whatsoever, can not be placed with you, then other potential adopters have the opportunity to adopt the dog. This gives the dog a quick second chance at a golden basket. Are you interested in a dog that is in pre-reservation? Please contact the main person responsible for your country so you can get on the waiting list.

Adopting a dog is fantastic and we and our dogs are very grateful to you!
Adoption contract coming soon.

For adopting a dog please contact the adoption
responsible of your own country. 

For the Netherland: 06 45263923 
For Belgium: or 0465008330
For Austria: Karin Reyl
For Germany: Denise Lansdale or 
For Spain: Denise Lansdale or
For Denmark: Kirsten-Annas

For more contact details, see at the top right of this page. 
Adopting outside SPAIN / inside SPAIN
The following costs are included in the adoption amount:

Buying the dog from the killing station: between €35,- and €55,- 
Check up by when the dog arrives at ACE | SHIN
Removing of fleas and ticks, washing and cleaning of the dog
Worming the dog when it arrives and every month after
Vaccination including rabies
Sterilization or castration from 6 months old
Care during the period with ACE | SHIN
Special food and supplements for weak dogs
Leishmania test
Filaria test
Ehrlichia test
International passport and chip
Cleaning of the teeth
Registration of the chip for Holland, Belgium or other adoption country
Transportation/ airline ticket to Holland, Belgium or other adoption country
Return of transport cages from adoption country back to Spain
Administration costs ACE | SHIN

The adoption amount depends on the transportation costs.
For Spain, the adoption amount is €230,-.
For Belgium and the Netherlands the adoption amount is €310,-.
Fot other countries please contact you adoption coordinator
For a dog older then 10 years, the adoption amount is €195,-.

You will understand that we, despite this amount, will not be able to cover the complete costs of the care for the dogs.
We will do our utmost to be able to continue providing this care for our dogs.

Puppies are castrated/sterilized from the age of 6 months.
No tests will be done on puppies.
When adopting a puppy younger than 6 months, the owner has to be committed to castrate of sterilize the puppy by his one expenses. 
To combat the breeding, the new owner presents a proof of this to the head responsible of the country.
Thinking about adopting? Also try to think of a teenage dog or an elderly dog...
They still have so much to offer!
Our policy about adopting(click here)


Upon arrival in the refugio, the dogs are being measured and weighed. Often they are very skinny and underfed, neglected and weak when they arrive. You should take into account that the weight when the dog leaves the refugio can be different than mentioned.
Dogs who come from a home situation and/or have had a good owner, often lose weight.
Therefore a difference in weight is often the case.


The pre-reservation period is the time we need to examine the adopter, during this time we need to find out many things, if after this time the dog will not be reserved, for example because of a negative home visit, then the dog is again available for adoption. If other people are also interested in the same dog they now have the chance to adopt the dog.
People can always inform the head responsible of the country about the interest in the (pre-reserved) dog, they are then the new candidate if the pre-reservation is cancelled, this way the dog lose his chance during the pre-reservation period.
A pre-reservation period has a maximum of 7 days.

Your dog flies to you.

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