Students and volunteers

Do you want to do your internship at A.C.E./SHIN in Spain? Our foundation is registered as a recognized Aequor training company.

Would you like to gain unique intern- or work experience in Spain, ad an international dimension to your C.V. and at the same time enjoy the experience of a lifetime?

Contact Mariëlle Lensvelt, coördinator internships at ACE | SHIN

Here you’ll find all the information to make your internship or volunteer work at ACE | SHIN a success.

Follow our interns on ACE | SHIN: Facebook Stagiaires

School ambassadors:

For the following schools there are school ambassadors available who will be happy to share their experiences with you.
Do you have questions about the apartment where you will be staying, the village of La Cala or about the place of your internship itself?

Just contact the school ambassador. There are flyers available and they will answer all your questions.

Groenhorst College Barneveld:
Nena van Vliet and Judith Hulzebos

Lentiz College:
Ashley Wijnen, Naomi Sandee and Elana de Beer

Wellant College Dordrecht MBO
Daphne Andeweg

Wellant college Gouda
Simone Blokpoel

Wellant college Rotterdam
Wilma Lacroix

Information for volunteers

ACE | SHIN is always looking for volunteers who want to support us at home and abroad.
For more information about volunteering in the Netherlands you can send a message to  
For more information about volunteering in Belgium you can send a message to
For more information about volunteering in Spanje you can send a message to Marielle Lensvelt
For a residence in Spain, look at: Accommodation



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