Public Relations


Public Relations

ACE | SHIN is busy with different activities, events and operations in Spain, Holland and Belgium. In every country, a PR manager has been appointed. This person organizes and supports promotion activities, events, initiatives and operations by communicating about these. The PR manager distributes flyers and promotion materials, maintains social media like Facebook and Twitter, guards the house style and conducts over-all communication. All statements about ACE | SHIN to media, newspapers, tv etc, can only be given by the PR manager of the country involved.

Do you have a great idea and would you like our support? Get in touch with the PR manager of the country where you live. Examples of activities:

  • Yearly ACE | SHIN day
  • Help with our stand at open day/fare/theme day
  • Dog walk
  • School project
  • Sponsor activity

For the most up-to-date information about ACE/SHIN: Nederland of Twitter: @ACEDOGS

Your support and help are being appreciated enormously!



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