Word of Fabienne

Word of Fabienne

My name is Fabienne Paques, founder of ACE | SHIN. Not only myself but all our volunteers often have to justify why we fly dogs out of Spain. You have to know that we are against all forms of animal suffering. These dogs have come on my path, here in Spain these dogs are left to fend for themselves or worse, are being destroyed. If we would close our eyes for these extreme forms of animals suffering, who will look after them? I decided, 14 years ago, not to look the other way, like my fellow citizens, but to fight for these animals. To give them a voice. It has been a long and difficult process that knows many ups and even more downs. After many setbacks we are slowly penetrating into politics, we are educating the next generation of Spain and provide shelter for 850 dogs divided over 3 locations in the South of Spain. My greatest wish is that one day our work will no longer be needed and that Spaniards no longer will view these animals as disposable articles. Unfortunately this is an utopia.

In Spain there are the feared 'killing station', every day hundred of dogs are being slaughtered here in the most horrific ways. The Spanish 'protectoras', like ACE | SHIN are rescue centers who receive no subsidy at all nor any help from the government. A proctectora tries, with the help of as many as possible volunteers, to offer these animals shelter and care.

In Spain, a dumped dog is not a dog who has bitten someone or a dog with a bad character but just a dog they are bored with, or who is no longer a puppy, generations are used to easily dumping a dog. To get rid of the dog they are left on the street or brought to a killing station. It is for example a Spanish tradition on January 6th, during 'Three Kings' festival, to give a dog as a present. Not everyone is happy with a present like this and the dog will disappear just as fast as it arrived. It is the Spanish mentality given from one generation to the next and it is very difficult to change.

The dogs of ACE | SHIN all have their story but that doesn't mean they are all traumatized dogs, on the contrary! Often they are faithful, cheerful and enthusiastic, grateful dogs who haven't lost their faith in people despite not being wanted. These animals hunger for love and attention with as the ultimate reward; the finding of a 'Golden Basket'.

"You can't save all the dogs of the world, but you can save the world of one dog"
Fabienne Paques
Founder of ACE | SHIN



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