About ACE | SHIN

About ACE | SHIN

ACE stands for 'Animal Care Espana', Spanish Hounds In Need, in short SHIN. In Holland we use the name ACE. In Belgium our organization is known as SHIN. Both countries use another logo but represent the same organization.

ACE | SHIN fights against the abuse and killing of neglected and abused (stray)dogs in Southern Spain.

Where will you find ACE | SHIN?

The whole organization is divided in two shelter locations in Southern Spain.

  • Protectora de Animales in Mijas Costa led by Fabienne Paques and Ton van den Broek
  • Protectora de Animales in Algeciras led by Paky Borrego Galafate
Together they offer shelter and care for about 650 dogs. The history of these dogs is diverse. They may be seriously abused and traumatized, puppies found in garbage containers, dumped dogs, dogs hit by a car, stray dogs, hunting dogs who escaped from certain death, no longer productive bitches and dogs left behind when owners moved away. These are just some examples of the many situation ACE | SHIN has to deal with on a daily basis.

Killing stations

Besides the dogs offered at the gates of the shelters there are also the dogs that ACE | SHIN buys free from the many killing stations (Perrera's) in the region South Spain. These killing stations are established by the Spanish government to deal with the 'nuisance' of dogs. Dogs are randomly caught on the streets and brought to a Perrera. When nobody claims the dogs within 10 days, they will be killed. When there is space in the shelters dogs will be bought free. The Perrera's make money by killing the dogs and therefore ACE/SHIN has to pay between 35 and 75 euro per dog. After a long fight there is now one killing station in Malaga where the dogs are handed over free of charge. The 'saving' of dogs is for them loss of income.


  • To keep bringing serious neglect and animal suffering in Spain to the attention
  • To fight for better laws to stop animal suffering
  • To stop the selling of dogs in shopping centers, beaches and markets
  • To give information about mandatory castration/sterilization programs
  • To improve feeding, medical care and euthanasia policy of the killing stations
  • To establish information campaigns at Spanish schools

At the shelters

All dogs of ACE | SHIN receive daily the care they need, like food and medical care. Every dog, sick, old or handicapped gets a fair chance. A team of volunteers and students of different animal care institutes and veterinary medicine students, look after and register the progress of the dogs. In the existing clinic the dogs, who are in need, receive medical care. Dogs are here also being tested for the most present dog diseases in Spain being: Leishmania, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis and Heart worm.


A profile is made of every dog. The dog is being observed by looking at his attitude and character. When all information of the dog is present it is decided if the dog is suitable for adoption. The dog is then placed in our data base together with photo's and, in most cases, a film. When the dog is being adopted he will leave the shelter with a passport, chip and vaccinations, he will be tested and castrated or sterilized. The last part will of course only take place when the dog is old enough for this operation (6 months). The adopter will then be required to realize this. The after care team will check that this will be done.



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